I have been wanting to try to compose a panorama because a Flickr contact of mine (Lars Haugland) produces some stunning work by image stitching. This morning when I got off shift from work, I had the perfect opportunity because there was a beautiful sunset out. Its my first time trying this so needless to say the processing was a PAIN IN THE PROVERBIAL!!! here's the sunset, in all its (un)glory:

Frankenstein, 40mm, f/8, 1/500, iso 200
It was compiled using seven portrait style images taken with my EM5 and 40-150mm "cheap" telephoto. Maybe its because I am on a moving vessel and do not have a tripod with me (not that it would help).. but as you can see, Photoshop's photomerge function had a bit of a hard time lining up the horizon after what I assume to be, lining up the clouds. The seas were pretty calm so I would hate to see how this image would have turned out (ie not turned out) during rough weather. I also took a photo of the same sunset using the 15mm Olympus body cap lens, but I dont know which one I like better. When it comes to image quality, the panorama takes the cake because the file is humong-o, but I like the composition of the one shot better. I think more sky and water above and below balance out the busyness of the clouds. The latter sure was a heck of a lot easier to take. Maybe my focal length for the panorama was too long. I am going to keep playing with this!!

It's Alive!, 15mm f/8 (and be there), 1/500, iso 200 
In other news I purchased my first 35mm film camera tonight and am SUPER EXCITED!!! It is an OM10 with the manual shutter speed adapter (score!) and 50mm 1.8 M. Zuiko lens. I have the same (great) lens for my EM5 so if anyone is in the market, I will be selling one pretty soon. It is also coming with a flash unit, and a Toyo Five Star 70-200mm f/4.5 Macro Zoom, leather case and a whole bunch of other misc stuff. I. AM. STOKED. I have a feeling the Toyo is a doorstop, BUT I am excited to use the OM10 with my Soligor 17mm f/3.5. On my EM5 this lens has shown some really great results, and paired with an actual 35mm camera I will have a proper wide angle lens for landscape and architecture. YAY, now I just have to practice developing film. I think I got a good deal on everything considering I paid $68 USD and I have seen the M. Zuiko 50 alone on ebay for around $40 USD (and I think I paid more than 40). I suppose it all depends on the condition everything is in... to bad I am stuck on a boat! There is something magical about being on the ocean, but I miss home, my partner, and especially my cat!! Oh well, it could be worse... I could be stuck out here without my camera.

Roar, 17mm, f/3.5, 1/100, iso 800

Sam Dorado