OAFC Day 11: Pale & light color

Catch of the day: Pale & light color
I just wrapped up the final day of my Olympus Art Filter Challenge working in pale & light color mode! This filter is similar to the "soft focus" and "light tone" modes in that it de-saturates colors and tones down contrast but you maintain sharpness. It was fun photographing things up close again with my modified body cap lens but I also used my 50mm legacy. In both cases, photos in this mode came out extra "dreamy" and vibrant colors were converted to their pastel relatives. This is another filter that doesn't really fit my style, but I think the muted photos work especially since today it was raining and wet outside. It seems the weather has been very cooperative this past week and a half and has helped to bring out the best of each of the filters! 

Sludge, 50mm, f/2.8, 1/125, iso 200
Four stories, 50mm f/5.6, 1/30 iso 200
Barrel of monkeys, 15mm (BCL MACRO), f//8, 1/250, iso 2500
Odd beauty, 15mm (BCL MACRO) f/8, 1/60, iso 640
Ripple, 50mm f/5.6, 1/250, iso 2000
The pale and light color was fun to experiment with, but the in camera processing was not really to my liking and I will probably not use this filter again. However, forcing myself to experiment with these art filters was fun and since I had the intention of only posting SOOC Jpegs the challenge helped me focus more on nailing exposure and composition in camera rather than relying on post processing. I recommend the challenge... or any photographic challenge really, I plan to try Slotshots 1/2 sec challenge once I get back on land and have some new subject matter.  It promoted growth and helps you stay creative =) This concludes my OAFC, but sometime in the next couple of days I will be posting a follow up with my favorites from each filter as well as photos that I felt worked better when I processed them to taste using LR4. I hope you enjoyed any part of this series and thank you very much if you returned to see examples of each of the different filters. I am so very excited to take the things I have learned to create better photos and an even more excited to get back into Lightroom and start processing again!!!  =)

Sam D.

More sample photos: