OAFC Day 7: Cross Process

Catch of the day: Cross process
This morning I randomly  chose the "cross process" filter on the EM5 which is another film emulator. According to the Lomography site cross processing in film occurs when you use chemicals designed for one type of film to develop another type. I believe this was discovered by accident, and results include drastic alterations to color and contrast. It was a great time experimenting with this mode and one tip to get the most out of this filter is to play with the white balance which results in different color casts. It was a bit difficult for me to obtain pleasing results but that is a matter of personal taste... I guess green isn't my color ; ) For a more refined approach you could always do this using split toning in Lightroom which gives you more control of what color your photo will turn out and still allows for that vintage feel. However there is no doubt in my mind that cross processing is using film would be the most fun method because the analog route introduces the element of surprise which is always great! Here are a couple shots showing of what to expect when "cross processing" using the EM5.

Duro, 40mm, f/4, 1/30, iso 800
Braids, 40mm, f/4, 1/125, iso 500
Sea link, 15mm, f/8, 1/60, iso 200
Bound, 40mm, f/8. 1/30, iso 200
Cross process, 15mm, f/8, 1/30, iso 200
This is not a filter I can see myself using very often for the simple reason that I would rather do this in Lightroom 4. ALSO, if you are lucky enough to have the EM1 the "Color Creator" is a sort of pseudo-cross processing which allows for more control over the color cast of images. What would be really cool is if you could use the color creator with the different art filters but I am not sure if this is a feature. In any case, thank you for dropping by!!!  The filters left are "grainy B&W film", "pale and light tone", "gentle sepia" and "key line"... Come back and see what great fun tomorrows filter will bring! I may choose it early since the moon is out and that might make for an interesting photo =)

Sam D.

More sample photos: