User Review: 7.5mm MFT Fisheye Part I - Little Havana

To help relieve a severe case of G.A.S. I purchased the 7.5mm MFT fisheye (Bower version) this past week for a very affordable $199 on sale at B&H (unfortunately back to full price now). The following are a few initial shots I took while wandering around my neighborhood- Calle Ocho in Miami, FL. There are plenty of formal reviews for this lens, (see: here, here and here) so all I am going to say is that I LOVE IT! I have seen many post asking how to "defish" the images this lens renders, but my approach is to embrace the distortion and use it to come up with interesting compositions. The only problem I had with this lens is that my fingers sometimes "ruined" my shot... especially when I was in magnify mode (to help me manually focus) and did not look at the entire frame before hitting the shutter button. After a couple of botched frames I made it a point to hold my camera differently and it became a non issue. In post, I also noticed a fair amount of chromatic aberration, but this was very easily fixed in Lightroom 4.  I am on my way to Disney World for Christmas and cannot wait to use this lens there!!! Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoy some of these photos =)

Sam D.

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