User Review: 7.5mm MFT Fisheye Part III - The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

On Christmas eve my partner and I had the pleasure of visiting the Spectacle of Dancing Lights showcase at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park. It was an awesome experience, and one of the only places in FL where it snows! Albeit fake, it was cold enough that evening that it felt real... perfect for putting us in the Christmas spirit :D It was also a cool opportunity to use the 7.5mm fisheye that the two posts before this have showcased. I plan on posting more photos from our vacation, but I felt "The Spectacle" would be a good way to end this small three part series on the lens. It was hard to concentrate on taking these because I was a bit overwhelmed by how awesome 6 million lights look. I could have composed my shots better, but oh well, I guess I was having too much fun. Hope you enjoy them anyhow. I also took a video, but I am back offshore and posting it would be a bit much for the server out here.


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