Walt Disney World Part I: Introduction

My partner (hoodie) and I (Mickey ears) moved to Miami in November of 2012 and one of the first things we did after settling in (and saving a bit) was visit Disney World. If I did not have such a busy schedule working offshore (from bascically Jan - mid Apr) we would have gone sooner, but May 2013 ended up being our first visit. I guess since neither of us had gone as children it was a big deal and after day one at the Magic Kingdom, we were hooked. We both eventually got annual passes, returned in August, and then again in December. For the first trip, all I had was a point and shoot and unforunately I lost it at the Animal Kingdom =( I purchased an OMD-EM5 to replace it in July and used her at the park for the Aug and Dec trips. I have accumulated literally thousands of photos from these trips and have only really shown a few of them when I wrote about my experience with the 40-150mm kit zoom and as part of my 7.5mm third party fisheye series. Recently, I was inspired by Disney Photography Blog to feature more here but struggled to come up with a way to categorize the photos. I was thinking of categorizing the posts by "photography type" (ie. landscape vs. street vs. abstract) or by lens, but what ended up making the most sense to me was to feature each of the parks that comprises the most magical place on earth.  

Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Magic Kingdom
I hope to do the parks some justice and will provide some insight into the gear I used, technique, and what I feel was lacking in some shots. I think it is great to practice photography at theme parks because if you live near by, you can always go back and try to photograph the same subject matter in a "different light". In addition, (especially true for WDW) each time you go back there will be something you did not notice before and of course plenty of new faces to photograph. Hope you enjoyed these few shots, there will be plenty more to come in the following weeks =)

Sam D.

Walt Disney World Series:

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