Offshore Series: The Bjorkhaug

For the past two months, I have been home spending my time travelling and hanging out with my partner. I have tried to practice photography on a daily basis but haven't found the time to process my efforts. Alas, I was called to work and am now on the M/V Bjorkhaug. I love the ocean and the scenery it has to offer and am looking forward to the next couple of weeks offshore. Below are a few photos I have taken over the past couple of days. Lately I have been obsessed with low contrast black and white, and love the haunting feel this processing has given these images. One of my Flickr contacts suggested I write a tutorial on black and white processing which I hope will be the subject of my next entry. Until then, I hope you enjoy this set. The photos in this post were taken with Olympus' 17mm f/1.8. Infact, I think my other lenses are getting a bit jealous as the 17mm has been glued to my EM5 =)