A Note On Retrospection

It is important to look back at the images you have taken in the past for a few reasons. The first is to ensure you are growing as an artist. These portraits were my very first attempt at fashion photography about two years ago. Looking back on them now I can pinpoint things I would have done differently. I know from comparing these to recent work that I have grown and I hope that in an additional two years I will look back at my current work and say that I have only gotten better. If not, something is wrong. It is also important because you can appreciate what you did right. I started out with (and still use) modest gear: one speedlight an umbrella and a light stand. It shows me that knowledge will trump owning the latest and greatest tech. It gives me confidence that if I were stuck in a situation with limited resources that I could still produce a good image. Finally, it's just nice to look at old photos and have my senses flood me with memories. Use the comments section below to let me know what you gain by looking at your past work. -Sam

Samuel Dorado