Mini Education Series P1: Stop Obsessing Over Gear


The portrait below will forever be one of my favorites because A. Toby is adorable and B. It was the first time after about a year of - failing, giving up, and reluctantly trying again - that I created something I loved using off-camera flash (OCF). It sparked my addiction to the wonderful world of strobist photography and changed the trajectory of what I wanted to shoot.

Image of a puppy named Toby taken by Samgold Photography


Image of a cat taken by Samgold Photography in Orlando, FL

Would you believe me if I told you that the total cost to create Toby's portrait (excluding the camera and lens) was less than $100? The speed light and trigger combo cost me about $80 at the time and I transformed the speed light's packaging into a miniature soft/strip box using scissors, foil, tape and a piece of paper (literally from the printer tray). 

To give you a reference, the photo of my cat over there was one of my better ones when I first began experimenting with speed lights. In the beginning, I thought that I needed better gear. I thought that maybe if I bought a set of AlienBees or a full frame camera my work would be better. It had to be right?



If I had bought all that gear I would have just taken bad pictures that cost more to make. One of the core concepts we will talk about during the Strobist Workshop I've developed is that creating a stellar photograph using OCF is NOT about the gear you own and it never will be. EVER. Yes, gear is important because you need certain pieces of equipment to execute your vision but...

Forget crop sensor vs. full frame. Forget MTF charts. Forget $10,000 lighting systems that you probably won't know how to use anyways. Forget about all the jargon that is creating a mental block to your creativity.

This image was created with a micro four thirds camera which has a sensor half the size of a full frame camera. How is this relevant?

This image was created with a micro four thirds camera which has a sensor half the size of a full frame camera. How is this relevant?


It doesn't matter if you purchased it for $999.99, $0.99 or made it out of a piece of cardboard, and some tin foil you had lying around... Gear is just a tool. I want to teach you how to make the most of it so you can skip the year of fumbling around. My goal at the end of the workshop is for you to have an understanding of how to modify light to achieve the image in your mind.

You can't form that image if you are busy counting megapixels.   

High fashion editorial image of a model in Avant Garde makeup taken by Samgold Photography in Orlando FL


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