The Olympus Art Filter Challenge was something I came up with because I wanted to "spice things up a bit" after being offshore for too long. In short, I dedicated one 24 hour period to shooting solely with one of the built in art filters on the OMD-EM5. The filter was chosen randomly before each shooting period and below you will find more on the back story, results for each of the 11 filters and a follow up. All images posted are straight our of camera JPEGs.

Isolation and the Eleven Day Olympus Art Filter Challenge

Day 1: Soft Focus
Day 2: Pop Art
Day 3: Dramatic Tone
Day 4: Light Tone
Day 5: Diorama
Day 6: Pinhole
Day 7: Cross Process
Day 8: Key Line
Day 9: Gentle Sepia
Day 10: Grainy Film
Day 11: Pale and Light Color

Follow up to the OAFC
Sam Dorado