Understanding the core concepts behind OCF opens up a world of creative possibilities and CAN IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR WORK. The amazing thing is that you do not need a lot of expensive gear to achieve great editorial results. Believe it or not, (camera excluded) the money spent on producing this image was less than $250:

Speed-lights + trigger: $130
Backdrop stand: $40
Background - jersey knit fabric: $7
Clamps: $20
Softbox: $30
Knowing how to use it all: Priceless



Many photographers avoid incorporating OCF into their workflow because of the steep learning curve. For this reason, I have developed a workshop to help turn this daunting task into something you will enjoy learning about. I promise that you will walk away from this workshop with the knowledge and newfound inspiration to begin creating high quality editorial imagery of your own.


THIS course will cover:

1. The gear you need and how to configure your camera and speed-lights for OCF.

2. How to network with others in the industry to cultivate inspiration and design editorials.

3. Core concepts you need to understand in order to master OCF such as the inverse square law and balancing ambient light with flash.

4. Lighting setups common in editorial and fashion photography.

5. How to effectively work with gels.

6. How to setup off camera flash for macro beauty work.

7. Posing basics and model direction. 

8. A bunch of other stuff plus any questions you have about this exciting field.


Here's what Others had to say

I have participated in 2 of Sam’s workshops and learned so much! He’s a great teacher and loves to share what he knows. His workshops are a lot of fun and his work is amazing! I definitely recommend Sam as a photographer and an instructor.
— Mille Sorger
I [was] a natural light photographer; one in which the thought of flash made me throw up in my mouth a little. I used flash indoors or bumped up my ISO; grain party- but never loved my photos. I knew that my lack of knowledge in this area was holding me back from expanding my portfolio and achieving the look I desired. I decided to make a change, I had seen Sam’s classes advertised on Facebook and I LOVED his work. I stalked him a little (just kidding), but I did read his website, bio, checked out his IG and Facebook. I loved that he too was self-taught and didn’t project a stuck up persona. Taking his class was the best thing I could have done. Now OCF has become another part of photography I’m obsessed with. He started the class with a classroom setting to include a refresher of basics and then into the more nitty gritty of light. Then it was all hands on. He was so much fun, easy to get along with, and laughed at my crazy self. He is a wonderful teacher; quizzed me through each step, reviewed and answered my questions. Sam created a wonderful learning environment with his patience and wealth of knowledge. I walked away from his class so excited! If you are lacking in the OCF department- take a class with Sam! I <3 OCF!!!
— Mary Fosky
I recently took a workshop with Sam and I loved every moment of it. It was informative, personal and fun. Sam gave so much of his time and experience and really made sure that we understood each step of the process. I left feeling energized and ready to practice what he taught us.
— Liz Rowney


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